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Sectors: Agricolture Construction Corporate Education Financial Services Consumer Goods Government Health Legal Services Manufacturing Media Non-Profit Organizations Recreation Technology Transportation Arts Services
Industries: Computer Games in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom Accounting in Brighton, United Kingdom Investment Banking in London, United Kingdom Luxury Goods & Jewelry in Milan Area, Italy Construction in Florence Area, Italy Publishing in Rome Area, Italy Computer Software in Bengaluru Area, India Online Media in Florence Area, Italy Telecommunications in Greater Chicago Area Real Estate in Saudi Arabia
Companies: Hotels and Lodges in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom Carpenter Box LLP in Brighton, United Kingdom Box Consulting and Startup in London, United Kingdom Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella in Milan Area, Italy Cesana box doccia in Florence Area, Italy BLU PRESS SRL in Rome Area, Italy Evnts Corp in Bengaluru Area, India Ferragamo - Il Borro in Florence Area, Italy MAC Source Communications in Greater Chicago Area SAMAMA GROUP OF COMPANIES in Saudi Arabia
Universities: Columbia Harvard Massachusetts Institute of Technology Princeton University of California Berkeley University of California Los Angeles University of California San Diego University of Southern California Stanford Yale
Skills: Front Office in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom Public Relations in Rome Area, Italy Event Management in Rome Area, Italy Copywriting in Rome Area, Italy Illustrator in Bengaluru Area, India Customer Satisfaction in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom Business Strategy & Business Development in Saudi Arabia High Tech in Bengaluru Area, India Product Development in Bengaluru Area, India Blogging in Rome Area, Italy Retail in Florence Area, Italy New Media in Rome Area, Italy Editorial in Rome Area, Italy Java in Bengaluru Area, India Hiring in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom Television in Bengaluru Area, India Negotiation in Saudi Arabia Sales Management in Florence Area, Italy Restaurants in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom Italian in Milan Area, Italy
Directory: People jonathan pike Ben Briffa Chris Mcgourty Andrea Tintori Riccardo Masi Andrea Bassanelli Vivek Rp Ginevra Barbetti Frank Napolitano Feda Al-Hurani