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Sectors: Agricolture Construction Corporate Education Financial Services Consumer Goods Government Health Legal Services Manufacturing Media Non-Profit Organizations Recreation Technology Transportation Arts Services
Industries: Legal Services in Beijing City, China Internet in China Wireless in Shanghai City, China Venture Capital & Private Equity in China Internet in China Hospitality in China Research in Shanghai City, China Human Resources in Shanghai City, China Investment Banking in China Management Consulting in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Companies: Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry - China / 中國日本商會 in Beijing City, China The Global Mobile Internet Conference | Beijing, China in China PreAngel Partners in Shanghai City, China
Universities: Columbia Harvard Massachusetts Institute of Technology Princeton University of California Berkeley University of California Los Angeles University of California San Diego University of Southern California Stanford Yale
Skills: Start-ups in Shanghai City, China Restructuring in Beijing City, China Emerging Markets in China Greater China in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China China Business Development in Shanghai City, China International Law in Beijing City, China Investment Banking in Shanghai City, China GSM in Shanghai City, China doing business in China in Shanghai City, China Patent Prosecution in Beijing City, China Employment Law in Beijing City, China Contract Law in Beijing City, China Greater China in Shanghai City, China Limited Partnerships in China Corporate Governance in Beijing City, China Business Establishment in Shanghai City, China Mobile Applications in China Private Equity in Beijing City, China Mobile Internet in Shanghai City, China Investments in Beijing City, China
Directory: People Tibor Baranski Jr. Barrett Parkman Leo Wang 王利杰 TeckYong HENG 王德荣 Luca Toscani Andre Erasmus Sacha Cody Vivian Ng 黄微雯 Simon Cheung Rebecca Chow